miércoles, octubre 14, 2009

Tripod - Dungeons & Dragons

The mountain dwarf sent the messenger
to the king of the dragons realm
Return the goblet that you stole from me
or you shall never have passed through the serpent sea
Oh no!

The messenger when the moon was high
made a camp on the deserts edge
And one by one all the stars went out
and a temple grew from out of the ground
Oh no!

How the alter shines
Lighting up his mind
The messenger came forward
Taking up a sword

He looked upon his jeweled hilt
It was a long sword +1
With a +2 damage bonus against the undead

The morning came and the messenger
headed off on the sloane road
Turning east across the desert flats
He was attacked by a bandit and his four giant rats
Oh no!

He rolled initiative and got a five
But the bandit got a seventeen
Which meant the bandit was way to fast
Now he'd have to roll a nine to beat his armour class
Oh yeah!

It should be noted if the bandit hits
he gets a sneak attack bonus of 1d6
Plus the damage of his sword as well
Means the damage that he's looking at is 2 - 12
Plus he's got a poison short sword so
The messenger will need to make a saving throw


The bandit rolled an eight
Numerically not enough
This is edge on your seat type stuff

Just as the numbers were getting really exciting
The messenger's wife rang
He had to go and pick up his son from oz-kick
The quest for the dwarf king's goblet would have to wait
Until next Saturday morning....

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