sábado, junio 06, 2009

First step

Sooner or later I suppouse it had to come. I've been playing role playing games since I was thirteen years old, and, as many other players, one my biggest dreams has been to write an adventure, a full system or something related to my favourite hobby.

The problems arrive when you realize that your country is far away from those where you at least could have an opportunity, almost no one speaks English, and there's no bigger obstacle for a career like this than the language. The majority of the players can understand the Shakespeare language but how many can really write a full text comprehensible to the rest of the world? Not many.

The few companies that work for The Hobby over here dedicate their efforts to the distribution and, years ago, to publish games inspired by other systems unkown to the only Spanish speakers like GURPS or the Chaousim one (I'm not talking about CoC, RQ or Stormbringer, but the millions of games which used the famous percentual system) or, even worse for my taste, low quality adventures for the WotC beast.

So, what can I do? This is the first step, I'll try to write a post or two every week in English so my skills should get better from time to time. Explaining the difference between a library and a bookshop is easier than transmitting the feeling of a house full of deep ones whose screams cross the walls... it's really different, don't you think?

I hope that if you're reading this, and you have a good English level (because you're from an English speaker country let's say) would leave a comment and the so needed corrections.

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  1. I think that my level of English is good, 'cause i understand all of your post. Whatever I don't know anything about ur topic, but i believe that writing in English is always a good exercise.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I agree with that, I should exercise my English more often.

  3. The secret to writing well is to write a lot. This must be especially challenging in a second language.

    In the meantime, use an English spell-checker and take a hard look at your definite articles.

    On another front, if you want to break into RPG writing, avoid seeming unprofessional by making digs at publishers, even ones you don't feel a creative kinship toward.

  4. Tomorrow I´m going to know if I´ve passed my english exam or not. On the other hand, be carful! Role play could be dangerous!, don´t shoot anybody! It´s a joke! I used to play with my cousin when I was younger.I remember that the role play was Stars war.